About us

West Vet is the West of England group of the Veteran Time Trial Association. We are managed by our own elected committee, providing a programme of time trials and social events throughout the year, including championship cycling time trials at 10, 25 and 50 miles. Click here to read our Constitution.

A lively and amusing journal (the West Vet) is produced four times a year; members also receive the National magazine "The Veteran".

Anyone who is interested in cycling is eligible to join our group to get involved in Local and National Competitions and Social Events.

The VTTA was established in 1943 by E.H. Strevens, with the aim of giving the older racing cyclist realistic competition, so they would be encouraged to continue in the sport. Strevens devised a set of tables, known as "Standards", that provide an annual challenge and motivation for continuous competition. Our group recorder keeps details of individual achievements and awards are made at our Annual Prizegiving. Please link to the VTTA website (www.vtta.org.uk) for an explanation of the Standards Table.