V718 Fast 10 Course under threat

Stop Highways England banning cycling on the A63

Highways England has put forward a proposal for a Traffic Restriction Order (TRO) to ban cyclists from the A63 near Hull. The stretch of the A63 which would be affected includes the entire course used for the ultra-fast 10 course, the V718 and all its derivatives. If the TRO is put in place, that would mean the V718 would cease to exist as a course and no more events could be held on it.

Both the CTT and Cycling UK oppose this ban - find out more by clicking here for the CTT January Newsletter and here for details of the Cycling UK campaign.

You may have already sent your objections to Highways England, if not, you still have time, since the consultation period is now extended to end on 12 March. 


This is the thin edge of the wedge, click here to register your objection. 


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